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Due to the growing demand for formal Survival Training over the past 3 decades the LSI is designed with a view to equip successful candidates with the knowledge and Instructional skills to deliver Professional survival courses. This takes many forms, from formal risk assessments, health and safety considerations to the planning, preparation and execution of delivering relevant courses to a paying client.

LSI Course Outline

The course is structured over 6 weekends throughout the 12 months of the year and comprises 2 x 3 day modules and 4 x 2 day modules.  The modules are broken down into the PLAN-M model; Protection, Location, Acquisition, Navigation and Medical (Successful completion of a first aid certificate covers the Medical module). Candidates submitting themselves for the LSI should expect....



For existing candidiates this page can be used to download logbook, Modular information and Learning outcomes, along with Joining instructions for the years course.